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About the Web Dev Handyman

image of Paul Kragthorpe and familyWeb Dev Handyman, LLC. was founded by Paul Kragthorpe. That’s him with his family in LegoLand.

He’s passionate about the web, and creating websites that are fast, responsive, and of course SEO ready.

Experience That Matters

Paul has been doing this a long time. In fact, he’s been developing websites in his free time since 2001, back when he was in the U.S. Air Force.

After serving his country, he went to school to get a degree in Computer Science, and Information Technology. He used that degree to work basically as a help desk professional for a few years, while continuing to develop websites in his free time.

Then in 2011 his brother-in-law hired him to work with his company, WebRanking, as an SEO specialist and web developer for their clients.

After 6 great years there, he went off on my own and started partnering with agencies and small business to handle their client web development needs, from full website creation, to small simple changes like updating an address on a particular page.

The Missing Piece to Your Team

The choice between hiring a full-time salaried employee as a web developer, and hiring a freelance web developer is all about how much work you have to get done. If you are an agency that has over 30 clients that all need web development work each month, it might make sense to hire someone full-time.

On the other hand if you have a handful of clients, and don’t have the workload to justify hiring a full time employee, that’s where partnering with me can benefit you greatly.

This is the same for small businesses. Often you’ll hire an internet marketing agency, and they’ll help you with everything from web development to SEO to PPC. But what if you don’t need all that and you simply need someone to make a change one time, or maybe a couple times a year? Again, this is where partnering with me can benefit you!

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The choice is yours, but I’m here and ready to help you with anything you need help with!

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