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Browser Optimization

Optimizing Your Website for EVERY Browser

If you were to take your browser and resize it, a responsive website will change as you resize it. That’s a responsive design. It’s what makes it so you can view your website on any device, from a PC (or Mac) to a tablet, to your phone. A responsive design is a must these days.

Going further, if you were to open a website on a different browser, on the same computer, or a different computer, does that website look the same, no matter what device or browser you’re on?

At Web Dev Handyman, we utilize tools to check the look of your website in many different browsers and screen sizes. Beyond that, we have multiple different devices that we can use to check your site live, as it will actually appear on that device.

Here’s a look at a few of the different devices we use:

From left to right, we have a 2010 MacBook that has Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on it. There’s a 2019 iPad that we check with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as well. In the middle is one of our workstations where we utilize multiple monitors with different screen dimensions to test the websites in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and even Internet Explorer. We also utilize an iPhone 5 with the Safari Browser from the iOS 10 era, as well as older versions of Chrome and Firefox. There’s a Motorola phone running Android with Chrome and Firefox on it. And finally we have an iPhone 12 Mini which has the latest mobile broswers on it for testing.

We take responsive development seriously and we make sure your website looks the way it should on any and every device!

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