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Custom WordPress Theme

Why Do I Need a Custom WordPress Theme?

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System (CMS). It’s free to use, and there are tons of free or very low priced themes that you could choose from. You can set it all up on your own! But can you do it properly and will the theme be optimized properly?

Avoid the Bloat

The biggest thing with using prebuilt themes is the bloat. Remember when you would buy a new computer and it would be just loaded with programs you would never use, and it took forever to boot up? That’s the same thing that happens with prebuilt themes.

Because the theme developer doesn’t know if you’re going to need a specific feature or not, they have to develop their theme assuming you’re going to use everything. This is just like a computer loaded with programs. Sure you might use all the programs, but most likely you won’t and all it does is bog down.

Custom Theme with Only What You Need

Web Dev Handyman builds Custom WordPress themes using only what you need. This allows us to makes sure we can control all the little things that add up to slow your site down. Themes developed by us are guaranteed to be fast!

What If I Like the Look of a Specific Theme?

Show us the theme and we will take the elements that you like from that theme and implement them into your custom theme. You’ll get the look and functionality of that theme, without the bloat.

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