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Responsive Web Design

What do you mean by responsive web design?

If you were to take your browser and resize it, a responsive website will change as you resize it. That’s a responsive design. It’s what makes it so you can view your website on any device, from a PC (or Mac) to a tablet, to your phone. A responsive design is a must these days.

Why does my site need to be responsive?

Starting July 1, 2019, mobile-first indexing was enabled by default for all new websites on Google (new to the web or previously unknown to Google Search). That means, if your website is not mobile friendly, and your competitors is, all things being equal, their site will show up ahead of yours in search results.

Your website needs to be mobile friendly! If you have a site that isn’t currently mobile friendly, or responsive, but you like your current design, we can help. We can keep your current design and develop the site to be mobile friendly.

Here’s an example. If my site wasn’t mobile friendly, the image on the first image is what it would look like on your phone. But since it is, the second image is what it looks like on your phone.

Screenshot of a page that's not mobile friendlyScreenshot of a page that is mobile friendly


Which of these would you rather browse? If you didn’t have a mobile friendly site, people would need to zoom in to ready anything. You have a website so people can easily see what you do, don’t make it harder for them to do that.

Let me help you make your site mobile friendly so visitors can enjoy their experience on your website. Get started below:

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